Effective online dog training.

Puppy basics to advanced life skills. 

Gain a reliable, responsive, relaxed dog who you can enjoy indoor and outdoor life with!


Devoted to Dogs is an online service which provides explanation, support and advice on all aspects of dog training and behaviour. Our step-by-step training plans, illustrations, instructional videos and trouble-shooting sections will gain you a truly devoted dog.

From the new puppy owner to experienced trainer, our comprehensive resource has something to offer everyone. 


We will lead you every step of the way, from puppy basics through to advanced life skill training and beyond, covering a variety of more specialised fields, all from the comfort of your own home.

By joining Devoted to Dogs you gain immediate, unlimited, 24/7 access to all training resources in your selected membership, as well as access to a vibrant online support community led by Karen herself.


Think Netflix for dog training!

Three membership levels available...

Life Skill Training Courses

Gain access to EIGHT courses


 Puppy basics to advanced life skill training


Suitable for novice to experienced dog owners


75+ videos (and counting!)



1. Your New Puppy

2. Beginner Life Skills

3. Intermediate Life Skills

4. Advanced Life Skills

5. Webinars

6. Train with Me

7. Gundog Training Foundations

8. HELP! My dog gets distracted!

£15 per month

Reactive K9 Training Course

Gain access to FOURTEEN lessons


 For dog who react to any trigger (e.g. people, dogs, kids, joggers, bikes, TV, sounds etc.)


Suitable for all dog owners


40 videos to guide you through everything you need


Gain stress free dog walks once more!


PLUS 1 hr Skype/phone call with Karen monthly

£35 per month

FULL Access

Gain access to ALL NINE courses


All aspects of dog training and behaviour covered


For dog owners who would like to work on basic to advanced life skills and reactive K9 training


115+ videos (and counting!)


A fully comprehensive dog training resource


PLUS 1 hr Skype/phone call with Karen monthly

£45 per month

"I felt relaxed and confident in what I was doing"

"I wasn't sure what to expect as I have never been involved in dog training before but Karen was excellent at explaining everything and demonstrating the training methods and I felt relaxed and confident in what I was doing. Would recommend to anyone who wants to start their puppy off the correct way. Really enjoyed it." 

Chaz with Cali

"Loki has obeys basic commands and has excellent recall"

"Loki now obeys the basic commands and has excellent recall, no mean feat for a springer spaniel! It was also valuable as socialisation as I have no worries about Loki interacting with other dogs."

Claire with Loki

"Thanks again for devising a programme that suits a busy Mum like me" 

"Settle is going well - and I’ve been having a few successes with the loose lead too! - so again, thanks again for devising a programme that suits a busy mum like me and a short attention span dog like Austin - little and often suits us well."

Karine with Austin

Devoted to Dogs

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