Devoted to Dogs is an online service which provides explanation, advice, support and guidance. We use the latest science-based methods to help you train, puppy basics, advanced life skills to reactive dog training from the comfort of your own home. 

We understand that life is very busy, owners often need immediate help, extra guidance with their individual session or class homework and not all people (and dogs) feel comfortable in a group setting. This is why we have created Devoted to Dogs. 


Karen owns and is head trainer at Karen's DOGS Training & Behaviour Services based in Livingston, Scotland. Over the years Karen has worked with many dog owners working on a range of training topics, from toilet training a pup, working on impulse control and recall to complex behavioural issues. 

At university, Karen studied Veterinary Nursing receiving her BSc Honours in 2010. Throughout her time at University she worked at Edinburgh Zoo training a variety of birds of prey for free flight shows with the aim to highlight conservation.

In 2013, Karen became the first Victoria Stilwell Positively Dog Trainer (VSPDT) in Scotland. She has worked along side other VSPDTs (and with Victoria) to refine her understanding of pet behaviour and training. She is now a Faculty Advisor for the Victoria Stilwell Academy where she helps train dog trainers. 

In 2018 she undertook the Dog Trainer Professional Programme with the Karen Pryor Academy, graduating with distinction. This program takes an innovative approach to developing and supporting positive reinforcement trainers who teach the general public.

She shares her home with husband Ewan, Barr (the Collie), Luath (the kitten) and Emmy (the Labrador puppy).



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