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Course 1

Your New Puppy

○ Picking the perfect puppy ○ Home set-up and equipment

○ The ride home ○ Arriving home ○ The first night

○ Toilet training ○ Chewing ○ Nipping & Jumping

○ Leaving your pup home alone ○ Socialisation ○ Exercise

○ Confidence building & body awareness

○ Emotional signals

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○ Active or passive learning ○ Training starts here ○ Focus training ○ Position training ○ Loose lead walking ○ Target training ○ Impulse control ○ Recall ○ Drop and take 

○ Settle

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Course 2

Beginner Life Skills

Course 3

Intermediate Life Skills 

○ Moving on from clicking ○ Capturing ○ Shaping 

○ When and how to add a cue 

○ Transferring cues ○ Stimulus control 

○ Fluency part one - distractions, duration & distance

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○ Fluency part two - precision, latency & speed

 ○ Creating behaviour chains ○ Opposite cues 

○ Compound cues ○ Modifier cues

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Course 4 

Advanced Life


Course 5


○ Distraction training

○ How to overcome separation anxiety

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Course 6 

Train with Me!

Course 7

HELP! My dog gets distracted!

○ Grade distractions ○ Layering ○ Automatic check-ins to stop your dog bolting to distractions ○ Recalling your dog away from other dogs ○ How to use rewards to encourage super fast recall away from other dogs ○ Impulse control around distractions ○ Distraction training webinar and training plans

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○ An overview ○ Why do dogs react?

○ Let's talk about dog stress ○ Management vs. training

○ Equipment & safety ○ Reactions towards sounds

○ Reactions out a window ○ Reactions through a fence

○ Reactions on walks 

○ Foundation behaviours ○ Plan B!

○ HELP! An off lead dog is approaching!

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Course 8

Reactive to Relaxed!

Weekly Live

Group Classes

 with Karen

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