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By becoming a member of Devoted to Dogs you gain unlimited, 24/7 access to our SIX training courses. For just £15 per month

we will guide you through everything you and your dog need to know - from picking your pup/dog, dealing with a nipping, jumping, chewing puppy straight through to advanced life skill training and reactive dog training!

You also gain membership to our Facebook Online Community Group where members support, share and motivate each other.

Course 1

Puppy Programme

○ Picking the perfect puppy ○ Home set-up and equipment

○ The ride home ○ Arriving home ○ The first night

○ Toilet training ○ Chewing ○ Nipping & Jumping

○ Leaving your pup home alone ○ Socialisation ○ Exercise

○ Confidence building & body awareness

○ Emotional signals

○ Active or passive learning ○ Training starts here ○ Focus training ○ Position training ○ Loose lead walking ○ Target training ○ Impulse control ○ Recall ○ Drop and take 

○ Settle ○ Distraction training

Course 2

Life Skills

Course 3

Beyond the Basics 

○ Moving on from clicking ○ Capturing ○ Shaping 

○ When and how to add a cue 

○ Transferring cues ○ Stimulus control 

○ Fluency part one - distractions, duration & distance

○ Fluency part two - precision, latency & speed

 ○ Creating behaviour chains ○ Opposite cues 

○ Compound cues ○ Modifier cues

Course 4

Up a Notch

(coming soon!)

Course 5 


○ Distraction training

○ Reactive K9

○ Each fortnight a new video is added, ranging from furthering your dog's distraction training, scentwork, co-operative care, training a retrieve to beginner agility (all agility will be puppy safe!)

Course 6 

Keep on going!

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