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17-Oct SEVEN new gundog training videos have been uploaded to Course 6 - Train with Me! We have a very exciting and busy quarter ahead of us, due to new online classes starting... so I have 'front loaded' the course as I wanted to ensure you have lots of content to work through. Happy Training!

7-Oct NEW! Online, live, weekly classes with Karen are here! These classes are available to Devoted to Dogs members. Access is included in all membership.


Our first class will be on Wednesday 25th November at 6.30pm, via Zoom. This class is all about how to transfer a cue, including starting an emergency stop cue!

Puppy classes start Thursday 26th November at 6.30pm for four weeks (same day/time each week!)

You can sign up to these classes on the member's homepage now! See you there!

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23-Sep We are delighted to announce that starting in December 2020 we will be providing weekly, live training classes with Karen! A range of topics and cues will be covered. Please do not worry if you cannot make a class... all classes will be recorded for later viewing. Happy Training indeed!

7-Sep A new training video in Course 6 - Train with Me has been uploaded! A super solid stay! No matter the duration, distance and what you are doing train your dog to stay until they are released. Happy Training!


10-Aug The NEW! Reactive K9 Course is complete and will be launched next week! Whether your dog reacts out on dog walks, through the fence, out the window and/or towards sounds this course will help!

17-Aug The Reactive K9 Course is HERE! Along with two new membership options. Gain a reliable, relaxed, responsive dog who you can enjoy indoor and outdoor life with! Sign up today! Limited memberships are available due to on-going 1-2-1 help from Karen. Happy Training!

24-Aug A new training video in Course 6 - Train with Me has been uploaded! Does your dog only listen to you when you are holding treats? This is normal and to be expected (to be honest!) Learn why and what you can do to help in this new video. Happy Training!

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JULY 2020

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01-Jul - The NEW Reactive K9 Course is taking shape! We will be ready to launch this course in a month! Please follow us on Facebook to stay up-to-date with launch details.

13-Jul - A new training video has been uploaded to Course 6 - Train with Me, called 'Training Your Dog to Stop Reacting to Sounds' If your dog barks at sounds in and around your home this video is for you! Happy Training!

27-Jul - A new training video has been uploaded to Course 6 - Train with Me. 'How to Manage your Dog's Reactions to Sounds' - learn about taking a management, rather than training route, and how to do so. Happy Training!

JUNE 2020

01-Jun - A new training video has been uploaded to Course 6 - Train with Me. The follow me cue is a wonderful cue that ask your dog move your way whether they are on or off lead. Certainly a cue I use on every dog walk! Happy Training!

15-Jun - This fortnight we have posted a wonderful video created by the Family Dog - two dog trainers in America who are passionate about ensuring dogs thrive in a family setting. I would truly recommend following them on social media and YouTube. Their body language video shows you how to read your dog's subtle body language - a must to know for all dog owners.

29-Jun - A new training video has been uploaded to Course 6 - Train with Me. The watch me cue asks your dog for 100% of their focus when asked. This is great to ask of your dog when a distraction is needing to move past (e.g. a person, dog, kid, bike etc.) Happy Training!


COURSE EIGHT is HERE! HELP! My Dog Gets Distracted!

Delighted that this course has been completed and uploaded for you and your dog to work through. No matter what distractions them this course will help! Gain a responsive dog to any cue, no matter what is in their immediate environment.

Happy Training!

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MAY 2020

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04-May - Fingers crossed we will be out of lockdown soon! When we are, it is very likely people will be wearing masks. That is an odd situation for our dogs to see - just something they are not used to. Take them time to train them to be comfortable now. Be prepared - Happy Training!

07-May - Lesson 4 in course seven (Gundog Training Foundations) has been uploaded! We explore place board or platform training. This is going to help progress your dog's distance training - an emergency stop, right and left!

11-May - TWO NEW COURSES! Yup, that is right! Two brand new courses have been written! 1. Reactive K9 Training 2. HELP! My Dog Gets Distracted!

We want to expand Devoted to Dogs to ensure all training topics owners need are here, in one place, at the touch of a button!

Due to these courses being developed we are launching membership levels so you only pay for what you need. 

Filming for these courses is underway and will be available by the end of May!

Happy Training!

18-May - Learn how to teach your dog to read! Yup, you read that correctly! This is a lovely trick to train - wonderful mental stimulation for our dogs and an activity the whole family can get involved with. Happy Training!

APRIL 2020

03-Apr - Learn how to decorate your dog's baskerville muzzle! Alter your dog's muzzle to make treat delivery so much easier AND to make it look much more friendly!

18-Apr - Lesson 1 to 3 in course seven (gundog training foundations) has been uploaded! Learn all about sits (yes plural!), recall to whistle and heelwork. These foundations are suitable for ALL breeds!

28-Apr - A new topic video has been uploaded to Course Six - Train with Me! How to tackle problem barking! If your dog barks at triggers through the window, garden fence and/or out on a dog walk this video is for you!

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MARCH 2020

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17-Mar - I think all dogs should be trained to wear a muzzle; no matter their age, breed, size or temperament. Find out why and how to train your dog to LOVE wearing their muzzle in this new video!

26-Mar - a NEW course has been created! Course 7 - Gundog Training Foundations! Train with Emmy and I as we work through this training together. This course is available to ALL members!

30-Mar - the most common training issues I see is dogs bolting towards distractions - they see a distraction and just go, more often ignoring their owner's calls! The NEW video, that has been uploaded to Course Six 'Train with Me' will help you train automatic check-ins which STOP BOLTING! Happy training!


12-Feb - The second video in our 'how to train your dog to stop reacting to the door' series has been uploaded!


This video talks and show you -  

  • How to train a 'quiet' cue.

  • How to train your dog to be quiet after barking at the doorbell/knocker.

  • Adding in the quiet cue to our previous training (covered in part 1)

You can do the same thing with your dog(s)!

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30-Jan - The leave it cue training has been uploaded! This training is broken down into two videos; part one overs the basics and part two develops the training to ensure it will work in everyday situations with even the most tempting distractions!

Here is the results video - Emmy leaving and ignoring bread on the ground (which she would scavenge given the chance!) OFF LEAD.

You can do the same thing with your dog (and in front of any distraction!)


14-Dec - course three Beyond the Basics has been uploaded! Ten new videos have been released to help you gain a deeper understanding of dog training. Work through capturing, shaping, when to add a cue, how to add a cue and stimulus control.

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06-Oct - a new training video has been uploaded into course 6! The Bucket Game (stage three). Work through co-operative care with your dog - no more restraining your dog for ear cleaning, nail clippings etc.

19-Oct - a new training video has been uploaded into course 6! How to stop your dog reacting to the door (video one). Learn how to train your dog to automatically go to a mat, when they hear the doorbell/knocker and stay there until you release them.


22-Sep - a new training video has been uploaded into course 6! Training and emergency stop (part 1).

15-Sep - Devoted to Dogs is undergoing a make-over! This will be uploaded gradually so no part of the website needs to go offline. You can still gain access to all pages, information and videos - some pages just won't match for a while! 

13-Sep - a new topic video has been released - some options you have when your dog passes away. Yes, not the happiest of topics to cover but I feel these options are only discussed after your dog passes. This makes choosing what to do super hard as you have so much information to process when you are heartbroken.

05-Sep - a new training video has been uploaded! Building on impulse control, confidence and distraction training.

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06-Aug - a new topic video has been uploaded! This video talks you through everything you need to know about trigger stacking. If you are finding your dog's behaviour (especially reactive behaviour) is unpredictable this video is a must! Learn all about trigger stacking, how to identify it and help your dog.

JULY 2019

22-Jul - a new training video has been uploaded! The second co-operative care video is now available. Further your dog's 'bucket game' training by adding in distractions. Learn how to build up the distractions so you are able to handle your dog. 

08-Jul - a new training video has been uploaded! Co-operative care featuring the bucket game (part one). This exercise gives your dog choice of about handling. By giving them, choice they let you do so much more than you think! No restraining your dog anymore! 

JUNE 2019

29-Jun - a new topic video has been uploaded! A dog harness review, come and learn about the most popular 5 harnesses, their pros and cons.

15-Jun - a new training video has been uploaded! How to stop your dog from jumping for toys that are getting lifted away. This one is inspired by a client who wanted to teach her dog to sit, rather than jump for the toy when her kids lifts up the toy.

03-Jun - a new training video has been uploaded! How to recall your dog away from other dogs. 

MAY 2019

22-May - a new training video will be uploaded next week. We are sorry for the delay which is due to a broken wrist.

08-May - a new training video has been uploaded! Scentwork - how to train an active find! This training is wonderful to show your dog you can join in with what they love - sniffing!

APRIL 2019

25-Apr - a new training video has been uploaded! How to use rewards to encourage and maintain super fast recall! 

10-Apr - a new training video has been uploaded! Puppy agility - working on the tunnel using shaping and target training. 

MARCH 2019

21-Mar - The Puppy Programme is now mobile phone friendly. Work on your puppy's training and read our advice on the go!


20-Mar - The Puppy Programme is LAUNCHED!

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